Manny Products
Meet Manny!
This polymer little man is available in 8 captivating fragrances. Choose your favourite one, install in your car and enjoy your journey in Manny’s company.
Cherry – sweet aroma of a cherry orchard. Juicy, clear, uncompromising. The power of freshness associated with leisure – holidays or calm everyday life. Manny Cherry is just like that: he has his style and rules.
Fresh Linen – cleanliness and captivating aroma of freshness. It is a fragrance of freshly washed upholstery and clean car interiors. Manny Fresh Linen is powerful and very pleasant.
New Car – classic fragrance of a new car. Traditional and timeless with clear perfume notes. Manny New Car is calm and relaxed, free and self-confident.
Vanilla – classic, delicate and sweet aroma. It is associated with cakes, sweets, relaxation after a hard day. Manny Vanilla also likes resting: he is calm and independent.
Black – fragrance of truly male perfumes. Manny Black is an agent – feisty, brave and decisive.
Lemon – the power of lime-lemon refreshment. Definitely dominant citrus notes will introduce fruity power in your car in seconds. Manny Lemon is an urban warrior who easily copes with urban jungle.
Bubble Gum – sweet, intense and soothing aroma of bubble gum. Manny Bubble Gum is a sporty type: calm but persevering in achieving goals.
Sport Fresh – powerful, unique and fresh perfume fragrance. Manny Sport Fresh is dynamic in both its look and aroma.